i suddenly miss our time together


harro :)
to anyone who sees this
hellohello beloveds :D:D

so it seems to unanimously decided - we will be going to Wan Li's house for the class reunion on the 24th *clapclap*

Recap on details because we've got quite a number of visually impaired classmates:

Date: Tuesday, 22/12/2009
Time: 7.00 PM
Venue: Potluck at Wan Li's house

So guys, bring your best dishes on that day okay! i'm not even going to ask for ppl to confirm bringing something. and i'm positive we'll end up ordering pizza or something to that effect. but as long as everyone is happy, no?

so on, yeah :) SEMANGAT! try to hype things up by leaving comments on this post or on the cbox on what you plan to bring and etc k *thumbs up*

NOTE: please take note that it's now on the 22nd ya! There were many cahgnes in between and we had to sacrifice a few attendees such as:

1) Sher Rin
2) Jebat

but this is the most suitable date as of now :)

Class Reunion Yall!


A class reunion had been in the talks for a while now because many beloved kiddies are coming back for the holidays :) not all, but reason enough to celebrate woohoo.

Here are the details as of now:
Date: Thursday, 24/12/2009
Time: 7.00 PM
Venue: We've got a few options -

1) Potluck at Wan Li's house. But knowing all you terrible, take-everything-for-granted peeps, we'd probably have to share 3 dishes amongst 15 attendees because nobody made anything -.-

2) Steamboat. (She insists it isn't a problem, but i think i should just note that sherrin doesn't like steamboat)

3) Any other reasonably priced (because zwee says he's too poor) restaurant suitable for large groups NOT LOCATED IN A SHOPPING MALL because this will lead to everyone breaking up to go their own way.

Please leave suggestions for venue in comments or you can let sherrin or i know if you've got any ideas. Closing date: 10/12/2009. After that, all suggestions will be posted up on a poll and peeps can vote k :)

Also, if there are any objections on location, time etc. PLEASE let someone know.

RSVP with me. ASAP. (don't RSVP with sherrin cause she's going to JPA camp from 7 - 11 Dec)

Let's look forward to this okay! :D:D


Well, someone asked to update the blog...
So here it is.
With random gay korean guy singing "Touch My Body" by Mariah Carey.

he's the gayest korean i've seen. he even beat dinesh. with his shirt off. nuff said

CNY Gathering

hello everyone. havent posted anything since forever. above are a few pictures that i took that day. there are more with sher rin.

the party started at ang's house. we had some really great food. thank you ang, and family.

then we moved to the park to play fireworks. a few of us left early. i dont know what happened after that. but it was a great party. we had fun, yeah?

CNY party II

Date : 30th jan
Time : 8 pm
ehhh just bring yourselves thats all.. =)

ps - Details can be altered, suggestions of any sort welcomed
pps - Reply a.s.a.p need to know how many ppl
ppps - I know many ppl don read this blog.. so those who do pls tell ppl.